When the Village Turns White

It was always predicted to be a colder winter than the usual. A long, dry summer not usually seen in England had us all wondering what would happen next. These un-seasonal events tend to preclude colder, drier winters so we remained hopeful - well, some of us did. Many were lamenting the arrival of snow … Continue reading When the Village Turns White

After December 25th

And so Christmas Day has passed us for yet another year, and we find ourselves in that strange space between nostalgia and reality. I do hope yours was lovely. Ours was spent quietly, and with our usual traditions as closely as possible. Our day started with the usual opening of stockings and exchanging of gifts … Continue reading After December 25th


I know I’ve mentioned the mistletoe growing here in one of my posts about the apple tree, but if you’ll indulge me I need to proclaim it’s greatness once more. This stuff is growing in almost plague proportions on the gnarly branches of my ancient Bramley apple tree, which I have described in infinite detail … Continue reading Mistletoe

The Autumn Chores..

Well, here it is; October is over, November has started and to my mind, that well and truly classifies as the lead up to Christmas. We can now safely bombard our Christmas https://www.facebook.com/christmasevermore and Secret Cottage https://www.facebook.com/secretcottagebooks pages on a daily basis with pictures, quotes, movie titles and book recommendations all centered around the festival … Continue reading The Autumn Chores..